XIX Fulbright Humanities Summer School

“Academic Research and its Publics:
History, Philosophy, and Philology
in a New Communicative Environment”

Lomonosov Moscow State University
National Research University Higher School of Economics

27 June – 1 July 2016

27 June
Topic: Social Profiles of Public Knowledge
10.00–10.30 OPENING
10.30-11.30 Public Humanities in the Twenty-First Century
John Randolph (University of Ilinois, Champaign-Urbana) 
12.00-13.30 Enlightening Minds or Neo-Professionalism?
Roundtable: Irina Savilieva (HSE), Saara Ratilainen (University of Helsinki), John Randolph, Dmitry Sporov (MSU) 
14.30–15.40 Introductions, General Discussion
16.15-17.30 “Doing” History Beyond the Walls of the University:
A Circle of Practical Questions 

Laboratory for Public History Research: Egor Isaev (HSE), Artem Kravchenko (MHSShES), Varvara Sklez, (Theatrum Mundi), Ekaterina Suverina (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art)
Evening Program
Public Philosophy: A Collaborative Space for Thought?
Discussion: Gasan Guseinov (HSE), Kirill Martynov (HSE), Olga Moroz (RSUH), Mikhail Nemtsev (“Gefter”), Petr Safronov (HSE)
28 June
 Topic: New Modes of Producing Knowledge
10.00-11:30 «На публике» – новая идентичность академического ученого?
John Lyon (University of Pittsburgh), John Randolph
Presentation followed by discussion
12.00-13.30 «На публике» – новая идентичность академического ученого?
John Lyon (University of Pittsburgh), John Randolph
Presentation followed by discussion
14.30–16.00 Masses (of Data) in Search of Method
Discussion: Pyotr Safronov, Galina Orlova (Southern Federal University)
16.30–17.30 The Quality of the Question and the Quality of the Answer: Knowledge Online
Darya Demekhina (Project
29 June
Topic: Challenges of/to Post-Disciplinarity 
10.00–12.00 Public Philology? The Literary Canon after the Post-Modernist Project 
Andrei Zorin (Oxford University)
12.30–13.30 On the Use(s) of Literature for Life in the Here-and-Now
Elena Penskaya (HSE), Nikolai Poselyagin (New Literary Observer) 
14.30–16.00 The Scholar’s Career as a Trip through Time and Space
William C. Brumfield (Tulane University, RBTH)
16.30–17.30 The Poet and “the Crowd” in the Age of Electronic Media: Researching and Developing WhitmanWeb
Chris Merrill (University of Iowa, via Skype)
30 June
Topic: Communicative Practices and the Recipient Factor
10.00–12.00 Language as Source and Cause of Conflict in Contemporary Communicative Practices
Maksim Krongauz (RSHU)
12.30–13.30 The Public, Publics, and Other as Addressee
Tatiana Weiser (RANEPA)
14.30–16.00 The Classroom and the Public
John Randolph, John Lyon
16.30–17.30 Discussion
Evening Program
Гуманитарий-специалист в диалоге с обществом
Excursion to SGHM with disccusion:
1 July
Topic: Humanistic Knowledge and the Media
10.00–12.00 Infotainment, Edutainment: Options, Opportunities, and Pitfalls 
Roundtable: Anna Kachkaeva, Nikolai Svanidze (RTR, RSHU), Aleksandr Urzhanov (Project «Arzamas»), Anna Krongauz (N+1), Anatoly Golubovsky (Free History Society)
12.30–13.30 Concluding Discussion
14.30–15.30 CLOSING